Metal Merch Styles to Dye For

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Original content is one of the things we know you love most about metal. The songs, the hype, and the next level look. That’s why the custom, original tie-dye style is so perfect for band fans who get stoked from extreme music.

Tie-dye clothing has been around forever and has a cool history. Originating in South America, the use of cotton, geometrics and color was used for many things, including mummies. Japan and Indonesia practiced tie-dye as early as the 8th century. They called their technique “Shibori,” which used the same resist dyeing technique as we do today for our music-inspired tie dye fashion.

Unfortunately, this artful process has been bastardized by big industries that crank out printed shirts with no thought to tie-dye’s original, unique concept.

At Shiborithreads.com we don’t mass produce band t-shirts or copy anybody…every single item is custom-made and no two are ever alike. Each piece of clothing is individually tie-dyed by hand; that’s why there will be slight differences in the same design. Your original metal band apparel will truly be one of a kind.

That’s why our 100% officially licensed music merchandise crushes it for our artists and fans. Although this authentic process is labour intensive, only Shibori Threads brings you epic deathcore and heavy metal music designs that match your vision and shows off your individuality.

Our custom apparel drops are worth waiting for. We are not like any other online shop for band merch. Our limited-edition tie dye apparel featuring your favourite musicians offer rare styles custom made just for you. 

You can get plenty of manufactured, regular old hoodies, or plain rock tees from the other guys!

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