What is Bespoke Apparel and Why You Need It

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According to Wikipedia, the word bespoke evolved from a verb meaning 'to speak for something'. For those of us who love streetwear and tie-dye styles, bespoke is what we‘re looking for: a different, hand-made feel in our music inspired clothing.

Shibori Threads is among the first to offer bespoke, authentic apparel that is envisioned by your favorite metal bands. Our officially licensed clothing is part of what the heavy metal scene “speaks for” – insane, boundary-breaking music and artistry.  Our artist collaborations result in clothing that represents your epic style and individuality, and no other customer will have the exact same piece that you do.

Authenticity is part of death metal music, and bespoke design is central to our band merch and apparel. That’s why it’s a longer process to produce this original tie-dye style since much of it is done by hand. But the wait is worth it for the individual who wants a unique way to express their love for extreme music. 

Keep on top of our upcoming custom apparel drops! And it’s not just rock t-shirts and hoodies – we’re working on pendants and other killer items to keep you stoked until you see your next show.

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