Bad Omens x Shibori Threads

Bad Omens x Shibori Threads

Bad Omens metalcore band merch is coming to Shibori Threads!

Like all our metal apparel, Bad Omens joins our catalog of in-demand artists offering quality, collectible streetwear. The design reflects the intensity of Bad Omens’ style, and their incredible breakdowns and choruses. The clothing showcases the artists’ musical magic and power with every piece.

Don’t pass up the high production value of these hardcore threads that are as intense as the music of Bad Omens. The bespoke design does justice to the emotional ups and downs portrayed by their lyrics. If you love Bad Omens’ haunting originality, this extreme style is for you.

It’s no mistake Bad Omens has chosen the Shibori Threads label. Our meticulous attention to detail parallels their musical talent. With their new album, “The Death of Peace of MindBad Omens belongs in our metalcore catalog. It brings vocal boldness to their atmospheric synths.

With Shibori Threads, the streetwear is custom made: no two pieces are ever the same. The password drops before the sale. It is first-come, first-served. Our subscribers get early access, so jump on the Bad Omens ride and subscribe now!