The Extremes of Creativity

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Can style be categorized? At Shibori Threads we don’t think so. Your favorite metal bands defy categorization with their mix of metal, punk, progressive, post-hardcore, and more. And that’s what we capture when creating our one-of-a-kind alternative streetwear apparel. We work with a variety of artists and bands and infuse their essence in our tie-dye designs.

You won’t find any print-on-demand clothing here. All our apparel has custom dye patterns, is cut and sewn, and 100% original. We treat our streetwear like art, and it’s created just for you. It’s top-quality merch and no two are ever alike - that’s why it takes a bit longer to receive your order since it’s made by hand. But we keep you up to date on the production process right until it ships to your door. Check our Updates Page for estimated arrival times from our warehouse.

Not only is our apparel high quality, it’s comfortable. Hoodies and sweatpants are true to size. When you receive your order, post your photo! 

Keep your eyes open for our latest sick drop! Your favorite bands are on board: Whitechapel, Infant Annihilator, Shadow of Intent and Brand of Sacrifice. These artists are in high demand, and we don’t want you to miss out. The password drops before the sale, and it's first come, first served. But subscribers get early access. Cop these today!

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